Hey there, I´m Britt!

I’m a holistic nutritionist on a mission to help simplify the lives of busy moms so they can reduce stress and feel their best!

I’m a busy mom myself, and I know the struggles with trying to stay on top of everything – getting healthy meals on the table three times a day (plus snacks!), the never-ending laundry and cleaning, making sure your kids are doing their homework, grocery shopping, budgeting, and all the other things moms do in the home (on top of a job and/or side hustle)!

Unfortunately, in all the busyness, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and our health suffers.

It’s time to reduce some stress and make our health and the health of our family a priority!

Here I share tips for organization and productivity to help you manage everything without loosing your mind!  I also share health and wellness tips – healing your metabolism, balancing hormones, healing eczema naturally, meal planning, nutritious real-food recipes, non-toxic products, and more.

Are you ready to create a healthier home and life for you and your family and reduce some stress and overwhelm while you’re at it?

Let’s do this!

Blog posts, videos, products, and services to help you reduce stress, create a healthy lifestyle, and feel your best!

Meal Planning

Meal planning calendars, grocery lists, meal prep checklists, and more to help you stay organized and plan healthy meals for your family!

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Latest Blog Posts

Health & Wellness

Natural remedies, tips for boosting metabolism, balancing hormones, healing eczema, nutrition, and more to keep you and your family feeling great!

Real Food Recipes

Nutrient-dense recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and desserts!

Non-Toxic Living

Clean beauty routines, non-toxic skincare, bath, and beauty recommendations, recipes for homemade beauty and cleaning products, and more!

chores for kids

Organization & Productivity

Tips for cleaning using toxic-free products, organizing each room or your home, meal planning and prepping, chores for kids, goal setting, and more to help busy moms get it all done!

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