Do you struggle with getting healthy meals on the table?  I get it.  It can be stressful and time-consuming trying to figure out what to make for all your meals for a whole week.  These days, it can be hard even knowing what’s healthy anymore.  What foods should you feed your family?  I believe meal planning is super important and something we should all do.  Whether you stick to it to the T or not, it’s still important to have a plan place so you’re not scrambling around trying to put meals together.  But if you’re struggling with the whole meal planning thing, I’ve got you covered.  I’ve got some easy healthy meal plans for you!

Why Meal Plan

But first, why is it so important to plan your meals?  Here’s a few reasons:

  1. Helps prevent stress – having a plan in place prevents you from scurrying around, hangry from low blood sugar, trying to figure out what to make for dinner.  You have a plan, you can get the meat thawed out and do a little prep ahead of time, and be prepared for dinner time.
  2. Helps you stick to healthy eating – it prevents you from roaming through the grocery store aisles when you’re hungry grabbing junk food that looks good.   You make your healthy meal plans and grocery lists and stick to your list.
  3. Saves money – Making a grocery list and sticking to it not only prevents you from getting unhealthy food, but it also helps you stay on budget.  You took the time to make your list.  Now just stick to it and you’ll save some moolah!
  4. Saves time – Going to the grocery store several times throughout the week and getting what you run out of and what you need for dinner that night takes time.  When you meal plan for the week, you can make a grocery list and shop once for the week.
  5. Gives family members a place to see what’s for dinner – I hang my meal plan calendar up in my kitchen with the meals for the week filled out.  So, instead of coming and asking me what’s for dinner, my husband and kids can just look there and see for himself!

You can read this post for more on meal planning and prepping.  However, I know making a meal plan does take time.  So, if you want to save even more time, I’ve got you covered!

Introducing Real Food Made Easy – the Cookbook with Easy Healthy Meals Done for You!

I’m a busy mom of 2, and I understand.  It can be stressful meal planning, packing lunches for everyone (not that I do that know that we’re homeschooling – but I remember the days), eating something healthy for breakfast before rushing out the door in the mornings.  It can be hard getting healthy meals on the table after a long day of work.  However, having a plan in place makes one less decision to have to make daily.

To help make meal planning and life easier for you, I created my cookbook Real Food Made Easy.  I’ve done the meal planning and grocery lists for you so you can sit back and relax a little.  Go use that time and practice self-care.  Read a book, do some yoga, take a walk, whatever fills your cup.

Meal planning is ESSENTIAL to healthy eating and helping things run smoothly in the home!  Without a plan in place, you’re more likely to turn to less healthy options, like fast food and freezer meals when the hunger strikes.  But if time is not on your side, no worries.  Use my cookbook and you’re set for 4 weeks of healthy meals.

easy healthy meals


What’s Included

This cookbook is definitely not JUST a cookbook.  Here’s all that’s included:

  • 4 weeks worth of meal plans – breakfasts, lunches, and dinners all planned for you!
  • Grocery lists for each week organized by category!
  • A pantry staples list – just hang it in your pantry and add anything from the list you need to your weekly grocery list!
  • A shopping guide to help you identify good, better, and best quality foods and get the most nutritious foods that fit your budget!
  • Meal prep lists with ideas to help you prep a little ahead of time and save time on weeknights!
  • 78 nutrient-dense recipes
  • 13 breakfasts
  • 5 snacks
  • 11 lunches
  • 21 dinners
  • 9 side dishes
  • 14 condiments
  • 5 desserts
  • A guide to properly preparing food – learn tips and tricks for reducing anti-nutrients, aiding digestion, and getting the most bang for your buck in your food!

easy healthy meals
“Brittany has done an amazing job on this book. It is much more than a cookbook. It has everything you need to not only make delicious, healthy meals, but the meal planning and grocery lists are great added benefits to this cookbook. Brittany has taken all of the “hard work” out of what to cook that’s not only healthy but also good tasting.”
Cheryl S.

Examples of the Meals

Like I said, there’s 78 recipes.  As a holistic nutritionist, I made sure the recipes are healthy, properly prepared, and free of inflammatory ingredients.  Only real foods here.   Foods that are whole, natural, not highly processed.  No artificial flavors, colors, inflammatory vegetable oils, or other gross stuff here.  Here are some of the recipes!

breakfast recipes
healthy lunch recipes
healthy dinner recipes
healthy dessert recipes
healthy side dish recipes
healthy condiment recipes
snack recipes


  1. Are these recipes allergy friendly? – yes! All recipes are gluten-free, except for sourdough bread which is fermented and has significantly less gluten in it. Most recipes are nightshade-free (those are peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, white potatoes, and eggplant), but, if not, substitutions are noted. Dairy-free and peanut-free substitutions are noted as well. These recipes only use real foods – so common allergens like food dyes and MSG will not be here! And no highly processed, chemical-laden ingredients are needed.
  2. How long do the meals take to cook? – if you do the meal prep on the meal prep list each week it will take roughly 1 hour of prep on the weekends, and around 10 minutes for breakfasts, 10 minutes for lunches, and 30 minutes for dinners.
  3. How much meal prep is required? – none! The great thing is that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. If you don’t have time to prep anything on the weekend, no worries! But prepping a little bit ahead of time will save time in the kitchen each day. I suggest at least prepping something for breakfast and lunch for the week so you can grab a lemon cranberry muffin on the go or pack some chicken salad for lunch real quick if you’re in a hurry.
  4. What do you mean by REAL food? Isn’t all food real? – no! When I say “real food” I’m talking about food made by God, not made in a factory. Made BY a plant, not IN a plant. Think fruits, vegetables, properly raised meat, good quality dairy, eggs, and some nuts, seeds, and whole grains. No highly proccessed foods, inflammatory oils, artificial food coloring, or artificial sweeterners here. There are some condiment items you may want to buy, but I have several condiment recipes included that you can make yourself to ensure they’re made with quality ingredients. If you have 5 minutes to spare, make your own mayo! It’s so simple, only requires 4 ingredients, and is SO much healthier when you make it yourself. Make homemade real food doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming!
  5. Do you have calories and macros included in the recipes? – no. In my opinion, counting and tracking macros is not necessary. It’s way too time-consuming and can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. Food is meant to nourish us and make us feel good. Not to feel guilty because we went over our goal by 50 calories or we can’t get our macros perfect! It can lead to stress, which can have the opposite effect most of us are going for – our body holding onto weight.
  6. Will I lose weight following these meal plans? – I can’t answer that for you. That depends on several things, like what you’re currently eating, your activity, and your metabolism. If you’re coming from more of a standard American diet, switching to eating real, whole foods will have a big impact on your health and will most likely lead to some weight loss. However, my focus is not on helping people lose weight. I want you to nourish your body, have energy, and feel your best! Weight loss may be an added bonus, but, again, I’m not promising that.
  7. Will I receive a cookbook in the mail? – no. At this time the cookbook is only digital. You can save it to your computer, tablet, or phone and open it up as needed. Or if you prefer a printed version, feel free to print it out and keep it in a 3-ring binder or have it printed and bound at your local Staples or Office Depot.

My hope is that this cookbook helps relieve some stress in your life.  Trying to eat healthy can be stressful.  There’s so much conflicting information out there.  The done-for-you meal plans, grocery lists, and meal prep lists will help ease some stress and make life a little bit easier.  Let me know if you have any questions about the cookbook.  Check out the easy healthy meal plans + recipes here.  Let’s make getting healthy meals on the table easier!

Get Real Food Made Easy Now!

Easy Healthy Meal Plans Done for YouEasy Healthy Meal Plans Done for YouEasy Healthy Meal Plans Done for YouEasy Healthy Meal Plans Done for YouEasy Healthy Meal Plans Done for YouEasy Healthy Meal Plans Done for YouEasy Healthy Meal Plans Done for You
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