I started switching to clean beauty products that are free of harmful chemicals several years ago.  And I’ve been using mostly Beautycounter skincare and makeup products for the past few years.  I love my Beautycounter and the company’s standards (so much so that I became a consultant!), but, to be honest, it can get expensive. Most cleaner, safer products you use in your home are gonna cost a little more than conventional equivalents.  And, to me, it’s worth it to spend a little more for something that will lead to better health.

However, if I can make close to the same thing for a fraction of the cost, why not?  Enter my homemade facial powder recipe!  Translucent facial powder is one beauty product that is super easy to make, works just as well as store-bought ones, and costs pennies to make.

homemade facial powder

Homemade Facial Powder

Why Make Your Own Facial Powder?

It’s Safe & Clean

Like I mentioned, this facial powder is clean and non-toxic.  Many powders you buy in stores contain harmful ingredients like:

  • talc, which can cause skin and lung irritation and is a possible carcinogen
  • silica, which can cause allergic reactions and irritation
  • mica, which can contain heavy metals including lead, manganese, chromium, and aluminum
  • BHT, which can disrupt your hormones and cause irritation
  • Parabens, which are possible carcinogens and can disrupt your hormones

Hormone problems are SO common in women these days.  They’re almost inevitable with all the hormone disrupting chemicals in products we use in our homes daily, along with stress and a poor diet.

Ingredients in beauty and home products can affect some more than others.  Health is so individual.  Even natural products may not be best for you, depending on your individual allergies and sensitivities.  Some people are just more sensitive to environmental toxins than others.  But just because you don’t show symptoms right away to harmful ingredients, that doesn’t mean you should continue to use them.  Toxins may be causing you problems that you haven’t discovered yet, or they may show up in the future in problems like infertility, eczema, or fatigue.

But the nice thing with making your own facial powder is that YOU HAVE THE CONTROL.  You choose what ingredients goes into it.  If you try out this recipes and you experience any irritation at all, adjust it.  Make it again, but leave out an ingredient, and see if it makes a difference.


Powder can cost anywhere from a few dollars at the drug store to over $100 for some luxury powders.  Beautycounter’s Translucent Mattifying Powder comes in at $39 – not too bad for a cleaner and safer version.

But making your own homemade facial powder costs MUCH less.  It costs less than $1 to make each batch of this recipe!!! Like, what?!?!?  That’s a no-brainer!

Of course, up front you’ll have to buy all the ingredients.  But that leads me into the next point.

homemade facial powder


Another reason to make your own facial powder is that, once you buy the ingredients the first time, it’s so convenient to make a refill.  No ordering a powder online and waiting close to a week to get it.  No driving to Ulta to pick one up.  It takes 5 minutes or less to whip a new batch up of this powder!


Gong right along with that last point, not only is it convenient to make refills, but it’s so easy to make.  I’ve made SEVERAL DIY beauty and home products throughout the years.  And, honestly, some things just aren’t worth making yourself.  There’s so many great, non-toxic brands out there now, thank goodness!

For some things, it’s just way more convenient, less-time consuming, and about the same amount of money to buy from a company.  But facial powder is one thing that is super easy and takes hardly any time.  Just mix the ingredients together in a small bowl, and VOILA!  You’re reading to apply, set your makeup for the day, and absorb all that excess oil!

It Works!

And the real reason you’d even consider making this in the first place. is because IT ACTUALLY WORKS!  I honestly think this works BETTER than Beautycounter.

Now, it doesn’t have any kind of preservative in it, so it’s not gonna last forever.  But if you apply makeup most days, like I do, it’s not gonna make it to forever anyways!

This powder works wonders for making your skin look more smooth, helping the rest of your makeup stay where it’s supposed to, and keep your face from looking oily throughout the day. I’ve gone days without applying powder but wearing eyeliner, and it shows.  My eyeliner runs and smudges like CRAZY!  Powder helps so much with keeping your makeup in place.

You can even make it to match your skin tone so it blends in really nicely!

What You’ll Need:

Okay, so enough of the reasons why you definitely should make this homemade facial powder! Now, here’s what you’ll need!

ingredients for homemade facial powder

Arrowroot Powder

arrowroot powder homemade facial powderArrowroot power is made from the roots of the arrowroot plant.  It’s an ingredient I always have on hand and use frequently in the kitchen.  It’s used as a thickening agent; so I use it in place of cornstarch and wheat flour for many recipes to avoid the gluten and GMO corn.

But – arrowroot is also a great staple to have on hand for homemade beauty products!  It’s great at absorbing oil.  So you can use it in homemade facial powders (obviously!), deodorants, and dry shampoos.  Not only is it not irritating, but it’s anti-inflammatory and actually soothes irritations.  So it can be used to heal sun burns, acne, or rashes.




Cocoa Powder

cocoa powder homemade facial powderCocoa powder, made from crushed cocoa beans, is another ingredient you probably already have in your kitchen.  Cocoa not only tastes delicious in chocolate, but it has great benefits for your health and your skin.  It’s rich in antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation and signs of aging.  It also helps protect the skin from sun damage and improves blood flow and hydration in the skin.

Those are some great added bonuses!  In this recipe, the cocoa powder is used to help achieve the right color.  So, use more if you have darker skin, and use less if your skin is lighter.



cinnamon homemade facial powderHere’s another one you most likely already have! Yay for double duty ingredients – good for the skin and good in the kitchen!  Cinnamon is a spice I consider to be a superfood. It’s full of antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial.  Basically it helps get rid of bad things.  It’s also great to consume because it helps keep blood sugar down, blood pressure down, and good gut bacteria up.

But we’re talking about the skin here.  Since cinnamon is anti-everything, it’s great for helping treat acne and other skin blemishes.  Just like cocoa powder, cinnamon helps with blood flow and hydration in the skin.  So it can reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.

Cinnamon also helps remove dead skin cells and can help combat dry skin.

And one more skin benefit of cinnamon to share – it helps your body produce collagen.  Collagen helps keep your skin elastic and young-looking.  So once again, cinnamon has great anti-aging benefits!  Woohoo!  Let’s keep our skin looking young as long as we can, ladies!

So whether you have acne, wrinkles, dry skin, or want to prevent those things, add some cinnamon to your facial powder!

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is essential to making this homemade facial powder perform more like a store-bought brand. Without adding this ingredient, the powder has a tendency to clump and not stay a fine powdery texture.  To keep everything light and to be able to apply it easily, this ingredient is key!fortbentonite clay for homemade facial powder

Not only is Bentonite clay great for anti-caking, but it has tons of other benefits for the skin.  It also works to reduce oil in the skin and remove impurities.

Many people use bentonite clay internally to detox from mold, heavy metals, and other toxins.  But it’s also great from reducing toxins on the skin.  So, it works well for healing acne, infections, poison ivy, and more!



Essential Oils

In this recipe I use lavender and frankincense essential oils.  But you can always customize this without whatever essential oils you love, that benefit your skin’s needs, and are safe to apply topically.

lavender essential oil for homemade facial powder

Lavender essential oil is my all-time favorite because the smell is so calming, and it can be used for SOOOOO many things!  It’s anti fungal and is great for reducing inflammation and healing acne.  I also used to to help heal my eczema (you can read more about how I did that here!).  It has antioxidant benefits and works for reducing wrinkles.  It can be used to reduce itchiness and heal burns, sunburns, and wounds.

I add it to my homemade facial powder for the amazing, relaxing smell and to help keep away acne and wrinkles.




frankincense essential oil for homemade facial powder

Frankincense essential oil is another one that is great for almost everything!  It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properities.  So it helps neutralize free radicals that are responsible for aging and damage in the body.  So it helps keep wrinkles away.  Frankincense is also great for keeping skin moisturized, balancing skin tone, healing acne and other blemishes, and more!  Why not add those amazing benefits where we can – in our powder!



What to Do:

Okay, here’s for literally the easiest recipe ever!

Add to a small bowl:

  • 2 Tbsp arrowroot powder
  • 1 tsp bentonite clay
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • 5 drops Frankincense essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oils

Mix it all together.  You can leave it how it is if you have very light skin, or else add cocoa powder to the bowl.

Start with a small amount, mix it together, and apply it to your face or the back of your hand.  See how well it blends in and if the color works for your skin tone.  If not, add a little more cocoa powder. Repeat until you get to the perfect color for your skin.  For my light skin, I add 1/2 tsp cocoa powder and it works wonderfully!

If you have an old powder container, like my Beautycounter one here, you can reuse it to store your homemade facial powder in.  There’s another great reason to make this – it’s eco-friendly!

homemade facial powder

Want to make your own homemade bronzing powder too?  Just make this same exact recipe again, but add more cocoa powder to make it darker than your skin color.  Want to use this recipe for one more thing?  I know I like to use products for multiple purposes.  This recipe can also be used as your dry shampoo!  Just use a powder brush to brush it into the roots of your hair and absorb that excess oil.

Let me know if you try this homemade facial powder and if you love it as much as I do!  Have you made your own powder yet?  What other beauty products have you made yourself?

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