HTMA Kickstart

What Is HTMA?

  • HTMA, or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, is a functional lab test using a small amount of your hair.
  • It’s basically a non-invasive biopsy.
  • Since your hair is a tissue, examining it gives us a good picture of what’s going on in the rest of the tissues in your body.
  • It allows us to learn what can be impacting your energy level and your overall health.
  • It’s used to evaluate your mineral & heavy metal levels.
  • Unlike bloodwork, which shows different levels at the moment they’re taken, HTMA shows us 3+ months worth of data.
  • HTMA shows us what’s happening in your cells, as opposed to in the blood.

What if you finally knew why your energy was so low?  

What if you had a personalized plan specifically tailored to your body’s needs?

That’s where HTMA comes in!

What Can We Learn From an HTMA?

  • How your nervous system is functioning and whether you’re operating mainly in the parasympathetic or sympathetic state
  • How quickly you’re converting food into energy
  • What minerals you may not be getting enough of in your diet
  • How your body is responding to stress
  • Whether or not your blood sugar is balanced
  • How your digestion is doing
  • What heavy metals your being exposed to
  • How well your body is detoxing
  • What could be driving your fatigue
  • How your adrenals and thyroid are functioning

What the Deal with Minerals?

  • Minerals are “the spark plugs of the body.”
  • They set of thousands of enzyme reactions that make things happen in the body.
  • They’re needed for good digestion, detoxification, energy production, hormone production, and more.
  • Without minerals there, your metabolism will suffer and your body won’t work like it’s supposed to.
  • About 90% of Americans suffer from at least one mineral deficiency.
  • Deficiencies and imbalances can cause issues like:  low tolerance to stress, low energy, inflammation, acne, digestive problems, blood sugar imbalance, hormone imbalance, detoxification problems, lowered immune function, weak bones, brittle bones, cavities, muscle tightness, and much more.

Find out what diet & lifestyle factors YOU should focus on to bring balance to your body, allow your cells to produce energy well, and experience greater overall health.


The Graphs

With your HTMA lab results, you’ll be able to clearly see which minerals (the nutritional elements) are low in your cells, which are high, which are out of balance with others (the significant ratios), and which heavy metals (the toxic elements) you’re detoxing or needing to detox.


HTMA is not a diagnostic test.  The results tell a story.  Low levels don’t necessarily mean you need to supplement those minerals, and high levels don’t automatically mean to avoid foods with those minerals.

Having an experienced practitioner interpret the results is crucial to go about balancing your nutrients and your body.

Individual nutrients affect other nutrients.  So, supplementing with single minerals is not always the answer.  We’ve got to look at the whole picture.  What’s going on in your body and how can we best support it?



The HTMA Kickstart Program

  • Your HTMA lab test & results
  • 60-90 minute consultation to go over what it all means & answer your questions
  • Personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplementation recommendations based on your symptoms & your HTMA results
  • A fun challenge while you’re waiting on your results
  • Discount on recommended supplements
  • Discount on HTMA retests
  • Your investment:  $247 (payment plan available)

Still Have Questions?

Schedule a free 20 minute Discovery Call to go over more of the details and ask any questions you have about the HTMA Kickstart program and whether or not it’s the right fit for you..