Are you in need of some great kids Christmas gift ideas still?  Looking for something other than just toys for your little ones?  I’ve got some great ideas for you here!

I know some parents like to spoil their kids and spend hundreds or even thousands on them for Christmas.  My husband and I are NOT those parents for a few reasons.

  1. I don’t like the idea of buying loads and loads of toys that they’re going to end up forgetting about and not playing with.  I feel like it’s wasteful.
  2. We don’t have the room to buy tons of toys each year.  Our boys keep their toys in their rooms.  We don’t have a dedicated playroom.  Each year we organize their rooms (you can read about how we organize and clean their rooms here).  We get rid of toys they no longer play with to make room for SOME new toys.  But that still doesn’t leave TONS of room for toys.
  3. Even if we did have plenty of room, I just feel like it’s a waste of money.  They only play with a few toys at a time anyways. We have a budget, and we do our best to stick to it.

We love our two sweet boys so much, but we don’t need to give them an overload of toys to show them that. Instead, we want to get them things that will encourage them to explore, be active, and use their imagination.  You won’t see the latest video game system on my list (thankfully, they’re not at the age where they’ve even asked for that yet!).

I’m sure you’ve heard the 4-gift rule – “Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.”  I make sure to get gifts from each of these categories when I shop for my boys.  Although, I admit, I give them a few more than 4 gifts.

Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

Something They Want

Each year my boys get one bigger gift from “Santa.”   Something that’s on their list they write to Santa.  My husband and I also give them a gift they want, or something we think they’d want even if they didn’t necessarily ask for it.


For my youngest, Jase, one of these things he wants is his own bike.  This Hot Wheels Bike from Amazon is one he liked a lot and will be his “Santa gift” this year.

bike for kids Christmas gift ideas


My oldest son, Jackson, LOVES Legos.  This is a toy I can get on board with because it does encourage him to be creative.  Jackson will make the set how the directions call the first time, then take it apart and create his own thing.  He’s gotten so good at using his imagination!  We got him this Fire Station set he’s been wanting this year for his “Santa gift.”

firestation legos for kids Christmas gift ideas

Fort Accessories

My boys love playing outside, but would also spend hours watching TV if I let them.  I want to encourage them to play outside more.  So, my husband’s gonna be building a fort in the backyard for them soon!  I’m so excited for them!  For Christmas and birthday presents this year we’re going to give them a few accessories for the fort.  These include:

Rock Wall

kids Christmas gift ideas rock wall


Pirate Ship Wheel

kids Christmas gift ideas pirate ship wheel

Zip Line

kids Christmas gift ideas zip line

If you don’t want to build your own fort, you can always get a swing set kit and add on a few accessories throughout the years.

Science Experiments

I love educational toys, like this Stem Marble Run, where kids can be creative, challenged, and engineer their own marble run.

kids Christmas gift ideas stem marble run

Sports Equipment

We are officially in the years of organized sports.  Jackson just started playing basketball, and he loves it!  He’s asked for a Basketball Hoop for Christmas (although we’ll probably be holding off on that one until his birthday).  Any sports equipment that encourages your kids to get outside, be active, and learn different skills is a great idea!

kids Christmas gift ideas basketball hoop



A game, like Jenga, is a great idea that the whole family can enjoy.  I like the idea of games because they bring the whole family together, they teach skills like problem solving and memory, and they’re probably not addicting or damaging to your eyes like video games can be.

kids christmas gift ideas jenga


Besides a physical gift, you could also give your child an experience you know they’d love.  My boys love going to the zoo and the aquarium.  We could get them Annual Passes to those places.  You could also give your child tickets to a sporting event, concert, movie, or amusement park.

Another great experience gift would be giving your kids cooking classes through Kids Cook Real Food.  My boys love their cooking lessons!

Something They Need

Even though they’re probably not going to ask for these things, Christmas is a great time to get them a few things that they NEED.  I put some of these in my boys’ stockings.


New socks each year are a must!  Why not get them fun socks that they’ll actually be excited about getting as a Christmas present?  I love these Tie-Dye socks from Bombas.  They have great arch support for their little feet, and the company donates one pair of socks for each pair purchased.

kids christmas gift ideas socks


Everyone needs new underwear each year, especially those growing kids!

Essential Oil Diffuser

I love this one from Plant Therapy.  It has interchangeable ears to turn it into a fox, a bunny, or a bear.  It’s great for younger children because it can play lullabies and can be used as a night light with blue, purple, or yellow light.

I bought both of my boys essential oil diffusers this year.  They didn’t ask for them, but, in my opinion, it’s something they need.  It will help them sleep better and will be something great to have in their rooms to use when they are sick – both for the humidifier aspect and the essential oils.

I love how beneficial essential oils are.  You can customize your diffuser each night with whatever your needs are.

kids Christmas gift ideas essential oil diffuser

Something To Wear


These Burt’s Bees Pajamas are the cutest!  They also have matching ones for the rest of the family!

kids Christmas gift ideas burt's bees pajamas


If you live somewhere with cold winter months, a new coat is a must.  This Sherpa-lined Coat is is perfect for chilly days.

kids christmas gift ideas coat


I get my boys shoes throughout the year as needed.  But for Christmas I always get them a nice pair of athletic shoes, like these Adidas Running Shoes.EF7242 BlackWhite TOE

Something to Read

As a teacher, this is probably my favorite category.  We read to our boys everyday and I want to encourage a love of reading in them.  So we get them books we know they’ll love.

Jase is loving using his flashlight with these Shine a Light Books from Usborne right now.

kids christmas gift ideas construction site book

And Jackson loves learning about animals.  So these National Geographic Kids Books are perfect for him.

kids Christmas gift ideas the ultimate book of sharks

Christmas is also a great time to get a new Coloring Book and set of crayons.

coloring book

I hope this list gave you some great ideas as you shop for your little ones.  Remember, your kids love you no matter what gifts you give them.  We don’t have to go crazy getting every single thing they ask for or we think they’d like.  What other kids Christmas gift ideas do you have?

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