It’s officially May and almost Mother’s Day!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you special moms!  Moms do it all – from cleaning and maintaining the home, to meal planning, shopping for groceries, cooking three meals a day plus multiple snacks, shopping for clothes and other necessities for the family, nursing your kids back to health when they’re sick, driving your kids around to all their practices and events, and maybe even working a full-time job on top of that!

Whew!  You deserve a a whole day (at least!) to celebrate you!  Check out this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for ideas you may want to hint to your family that you’d love, or for you to show your own mom how much you appreciate her and all she does for you!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I’ve found some great ideas you can use to show your special mother how much you care about her – whether it’s your own mom, your mother-in-law, your grandma, or another mother-like lady in your life.  Or maybe you want to sneakily share this Mother’s Day gift guide with your hubby and kids.

Whether you choose to make a DIY gift for your mother or buy a gift, it’s a great idea to add a little personalization.  Some ideas would be to write a sweet note about what you love about her, buy a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or add her favorite chocolate to one of these gifts.  Anything you can do to make her feel like the special woman she is, she’ll love!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide


I’m a fan of homemade gifts.  Most young kids don’t have a lot of their own money to spend on Mother’s Day gifts.  Making something themselves takes less money and more thought and creativity.  When kids are willing to put in the time and thought to make their mother something special, it shows how much they truly love them.  I know I love getting homemade gifts from my kids! Here are some sweet homemade gift ideas:

1. Jar of Love

mothers day crafts make a jar of love for mom

I love this idea from Crafting a Green World.  A little one can decorate or paint a jar and write 365 reasons that they love Mom.  Mom will be able to read 1 every day throughout the year and be reminded of their sweet children and how much they love them!

2.  Flower Vase

What a cute DIY vase this is for fresh flowers!  Decor8Blog shares how you can make this using just a glass bottle, pretty paper or cloth, and twine.  Making one of these and putting your Mom’s favorite fresh flowers in it would be a beautiful gift.

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3.  Coupon Book

This cute coupon book is a thoughtful gift for Mom.  Diva of DIY gives step-by-step directions for making this unique display for a coupon book.  I would love to get something like this from my boys with “breakfast in bed,” “back rub,” “foot rub,” and “vacuum the house” included!

coupon book gift 11 pin


4.  Gardening Set

If your special mother likes gardening, this Tomato Sauce Garden idea from Satori Design for Living is a great idea!

5.  Herb Planters

These herb planters would be really cute to give Mom with some of her favorite herbs in it.  She can keep them in the kitchen and have herbs on hand when she’s cooking.  Growing your own fresh herbs can save a ton of money too (as long as you don’t kill them and have to keep replacing them!).

Mother's Day gift guide herb planters


6.  Photo Book

Shutterfly has some great deals right now for Mother’s Day gifts.  Every year I make a family “yearbook” with photos from the year so we always have those memories to look back on.  A book like this with photos of you and your mom throughout the years would be a sweet and thoughtful gift to make her.

Mother's Day gift guide

7.  Ceramic Mug

If your mom loves drinking coffee or tea, you can order a personalized mug from Shutterfly with photos of you and your mom on it and then fill it with her favorite coffee or tea

Mother's Day gift guide mug

8.  Engraved Necklace

I just love personlized gifts!  This engraved bar necklace with your mom’s name on it would be perfect for a mom who loves jewelry.  There are so many cute personalized jewelry ideas, like this one, on Etsy!


Mother's Day gift guide necklace

9.  Pillow

A personalized throw pillow, like this one on Etsy, would be a special gift to give your mother.  I have one just like this my sister gave me for Christmas one year, and I love it!

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10.  Instant Pot

An Instant Pot would be an awesome idea to save your mom some time cooking dinners! I recently got one, and I love it! It makes it so much easier and faster to get dinner on the table!

Mother's Day gift guide

11.  Dutch Oven

This Lodge enameled cast iron dutch oven would be another great gift for a mom who loves to cook.  This one’s on my birthday list! I love that it can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, and, since it’s so visually appealing, can also be used for serving food.

Mother's Day gift guide

12.  Cookbook

If your mom loves to cook, a cookbook like Gather by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley would be great!  This cookbook is a fun one, filled with delicious and healthy meals your mom can use when cooking for special gatherings with family and friends.  I mostly follow the Paleo diet, and this cookbook would be a perfect one for trying out new, real-food, healthy recipes.

Mother's Day gift guide cookbook


13.  Chocolate

Good quality chocolate is the way to my heart!  If your mom is like me, she’ll love these Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  These are from Thrive Market. You can use my link to get 25% off your first order! The Dark Chocolate Almond Cups are my favorite kind!  You can find those on Amazon, Target, Sprouts, and probably several other grocery stores.

Mother's Day gift guide

A Lily’s Chocolate Bar (sweetened with Stevia) is a great choice too.  These are also on Thrive Market.  They have several flavors like this Salted Caramel one (YUM!) as well as Almond, Salted Almond, Sea Salt, and Extra Dark.  They are so yummy and are an indulgent treat.  But, they are healthier than many other chocolates since.  They’re sweetened with natural Stevia instead of sugar.

lily's dark chocolate bar Mother's Day gift guide

Hu Salty Choclate Bars are also a sweet, but healthier, treat for your mom.  They are made with very clean ingredients.  They use coconut sugar instead of refined cane sugar or artificial sweeteners.  If your mom likes eating healthy foods but deserves a sweet treat, this would be great for her!

mother's day gift guide chocolate

14.  Herbal Tea

For a mom who loves herbal tea, this Numi Organic Tea Collection would be perfect for her.  It has an assortment of delicious teas like Earl Gray, Breakfast Blend, Golden Chai, and Chamomile Lemon.

Mother's Day gift guide tea


If your mother likes beauty products (which is probably most of us!), a cute basket of some of her favorite makeup, skincare, hair, or bath products and a gift card to get a massage or pedicure would be AMAZING!!!

15.  Makeup

BeautyCounter Lip Gloss would be a fun gift for a woman who loves makeup and cares about using products with clean, safe ingredients.  I love how BeautyCounter lists all the ingredients in their products on the website so you can see what exactly is going on your face and be rest assured that they are free of harmful chemicals.  Read more about why I switched to clean beauty here.

Beautycounter lipgloss Mother's Day gift guid

Or this Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Palette would be perfect to give your mom lots of great eyeshadow options.

16.  Body Wash

You can get your mom some Aleavia Orchid Body Wash to give her a nice calm at-home spa day.  I recently discovered Aleavia and love it! It’s made of clean, nourishing ingredients that don’t irritate the skin.  I love this Orchid scent too!

Gift Certificates:

17.  Massage

Like I said above, a gift card to get a massage would be perfect!  Before I became a teacher and then had kids, I didn’t really see the need for massages.  Now, I believe it is a necessity!  They are so relaxing and great for relieving stress.  Which, if you’re a mom, there’s a chance you probably have some stress in your life.

Mother's Day gift guide massage

18.  Manicure/Pedicure

Another fun gift certificate option would be for a manicure and/or pedicure.  Or instead of just giving her the gift certificate, take her to the salon and have a mother-daughter date.

Mother's Day gift guide pedicure

19.  Favorite Store

If none of these ideas would appeal to your mom or she just loves shopping for herself, you can always go with a gift card to her favorite store.  One of mine is the Loft.  Gift cards are not as personal, but if your mom loves shopping she just may love one!  Add a personal touch, like I said earlier.  Add her favorite flowers or snack and a sweet card to it.

Mother's Day gift guide


I hope you found this Mother’s Day gift guide helpful! Check out 31 MORE Mother’s Day gift ideas’ here! Let me know in the comments if you have any other great gift ideas for your mother.  If you are a mom, what’s the best gift you’ve received in the past for Mother’s Day?

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