It’s almost Mother’s Day!  Time to get shopping and show our special moms how much we care about them!  I wrote a post in 2019 with 19 Mother’s Day gift ideas, but this year I’m sharing some of my favorite updated findings and upping it with 31 great Mothers Day gifts!  You’re sure to find a gift for your special mother here – whether she loves acts of service or enjoys being pampered with gifts.  There are gifts here for clean beauty lovers, gardening moms, moms who love cute home decor and clothes, and more!

31 Mothers Day Gifts

Kind Acts

Mother’s Day is not just about giving our moms a gift.  Many moms prefer sweet cards to tell them how much they mean to you or acts of service to show your love.  Here are some great ways you (or your little one if you’re a dad reading this to see what to get your wife for Mother’s Day!).

1. Breakfast in Bed

Moms usually do most, if not all, the cooking in the home.  Give her a break on Mother’s Day by making her breakfast in bed.  Make her favorite breakfast foods, whether that’s an omelet, French toast, oatmeal, or whatever.  Serve it on a pretty tray with a vase of fresh flowers.  She’ll be in love!

2. Massage

Moms definitely have stress in their lives.  Maybe you contribute to that!  Haha!  One great way to relieve stress is by massage.  Either give your mom a massage or treat her with a gift card to a local spa.

3. Pedicure

Moms need some me-time to recharge, show up, and be the best for their family.  Let her get away and pamper herself by giving her a gift card for a pedicure.  Or, take her with you and make a date out of it!

4. Make Dinner

As a mom, I can vouch that this one is a must!  Moms don’t want to cook on Mother’s Day.  They want to relax and enjoy time with their kids (and maybe a little time to themselves too!).  So make them one of their favorite meals for dinner, AND clean up after you’re done!  This would probably be the best gift from my kids and hubby (hint, hint!).


If your mom loves to garden, whether with an outside garden or with indoor plants, here are some great gift ideas for her!

5. Planter

This seagrass planter basket would be perfect for a mom that likes to grow indoor plants.  I’m just getting on the bandwagon of collecting plants.  They are great for improving the air quality, and they look so cute! This planter would be adorable with a plant, like a snake, fiddle leaf, or monstera plant in it.

Mothers Day gifts planter

6. Watering Can

This gold watering can is beautiful!  If your mom loves indoor plants, having a stylish and functional watering can is essential!  I love this gold one!

gold watering can for Mothes Day gifts

7.  Plants

Who knew you could order plants from Amazon?  You can basically order anything from them todays.  Go get some of your mom’s favorite plants from a local nursery, or if you’d rather order a plant and have it delivered to you quickly, this snake plant from Amazon is a great option.  As one who definitely doesn’t have a green thumb, I am proud to say that I’ve kept my snake plant alive for around nine months now!  They are definitely resilient and easy to care for.

snake plant for Mothers Day gifts

Clean Beauty

Ah! Clean beauty – one of my favorite things to purchase!  I’m all about using products made without toxic chemicals that absorb into your body and using products with safe ingredients that nourish my body!  If your mom is into that too, these are some great ones I found!

8.  Perfume

Henry Rose is a company started by Michelle Pfieffer.  I recently found the company, and I absolutely love what I see!  This company actually TELLS WHAT’S IN THE PERFUME.  They are transparent and don’t try to hide what ingredients they’re using in their products.  This is so important for companies to do, but most body care companies do not. Most put “fragrance” under the ingredients, which tells you nothing!  I want to know what exactly is in it.  Thankfully, Henry Rose tells you, and it is made with clean ingredients.

clean perfume for Mothers Day gifts

9. Sugar Scrub

I love me some Beautycounter.  Beautycounter’s Sugarbuff Body Polish is a perfect, pampering gift for mom.  I love that it’s something most moms (definitely me) wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.  But it’s something they would LOVE!  It’s a sugar scrub that exfoliates and buffs away dull skin.  And it’s also made with clean ingredients, including organic cane sugar, sweet almond oil, and evening primrose oil.

sugar scrub for Mothers Day gifts

10.  Body Oil

Here’s another great luxurious, pampering gift for mom from Beautycounter.  Beautycounter’s Body Oil isn’t greasy, it locks in the moisture, and it leaves the skin feeling smooth and glowing!  It’s great to use after a shower or bath.  Or, better yet, combine this and the body polish, and your mom could apply this after using the body polish.

body oil for mothers day gifts

11. Lipstick

Clean and beautiful makeup would be another great idea!  Beautycounter Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick is a creamy, moisturizing lipstick your mom would love!  I love this Rosewood color (on my list to get next time!) and the Twig color (I’ve got that one!).

Beautycounter lipstick for mothers day gifts

12. Serums

Primally Pure is a clean and natural body care company that I love!  ALL moms could use a facial serum (really anyone over 30 should start using one).  This set of Primally Pure Serums would be perfect!  It comes with three of their serums:  Clarifying Serum to brighten skin tone and minimize inflammation and breakouts, Soothing Serum to soothe sensitive skin and restore balance, and Plumping Serum to promote a youthful appearance and plump skin naturally.  If you don’t know which serum would be best for your mother, this trio set would be perfect so that she can try them all out and see which one she loves the most!

primally pure for mothers day gifts


13. Dry Brush Set

The mom who is all about self care, or who needs to incorporate more self care (basically any mom) would love this dry brush set. It is great for exfoliating the skin, reducing cellulite, improving blood circulation, and improving lymphatic flow.  Again, this would make a great gift, because it’s not something most people would buy on their own, but it is so beneficial!

dry brush set for mothers day gifts

14.  Gua Sha

This awesome set comes with a gut sha, jade roller, and rose quartz roller.  I got this exact set for Christmas, and I love it!  I use the gua sha to massage my neck and jaw muscles when they’re tight.  But it’s also great for increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage.  The jade and rose quartz rollers are great for reducing puffiness, reducing wrinkles, and allowing your skincare products to absorb more easily.gua sha for mothers day gifts

15.  Massage Gun

An investment in this massage gun would definitely be worth it for the mom that works out or who is experiencing sore or tight muscles.  It’s deep tissue massager that you can use on yourself anytime.   I recently got this exact one, and I love it!  It is so effective at loosening tight muscles!

massage gun for mothers day gifts

Food and Drink

16.  Espresso Machine

If your mom loves coffee or good espresso drinks and would enjoy making her own and saving some money at Starbucks, this Calphalon Espresso Machine would be a great investment!  Espresso machines can be VERY expensive.  I tried to find one that wouldn’t break the bank.  You could always go in together with some siblings to get a big gift for mom this year that she would love!  I know I would love making my own almond milk latte each morning!

espresso machine for Mothers Day gifts

17.  Mom Mug

You could get this mom mug to go along with the espresso machine or with a bag of her favorite coffee.  I love how it’s cute and classy looking, not cheesy looking like many “Mom” mugs can be.

mom mug for mothers day gifts

18.  Coffee

Get your hard-working mom some coffee to help get her going in the mornings!  If she loves choosing foods and drinks that are clean and organic, this organic coffee would be perfect for her!  It’s organic, roasted in small batches, comes in whole bean to preserve freshness, and it isn’t super acid like many coffees can be.

organic coffee for Mothers Day gifts

19.  Mushroom Coffee

An even healthier option with added benefits would be a Four Sigmatic Coffee Set.  Four Sigmatic is a company that makes mushroom coffee.  That’s right! Coffee (and tea) made with mushrooms.  The mushrooms that they use have great health benefits.  These two are some of my favorites.  The Adaptogen Coffee Mix is made with Ashwagandha, Chaga, and Tulsi mushrooms to help you manage stress. The Chai Latte Mix is made with Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Coconut Milk Powder (for creaminess!) to help calm you (and it’s great for the gut!).

four stigmatic coffee for Mothers Day gifts

20.  Matcha

I have been loving matcha lately!  And what’s even better than a nice foamy matcha green tea latte?  One that has collagen in it too to support healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints!  Vital Proteins has it!

matcha for Mothers Day gifts

21.  Chocolate

Hu Chocolate is a delicious, clean chocolate made with organic cocoa, organic cane sugar, and few more ingredients.  I love these, and I bet your mom would too!

hu chocolate for Mothers Day gifts


22.  Necklaces

Made By Mary has some beautiful engraved necklaces.  I love this Mama Bear one as well as the bar necklace.  Perfect Mother’s Day gifts for a mom that loves simple and classy-looking jewelry!

necklace for mothers day gifts

Made by Mary necklaces for mothers day gifts

23.  Earrings

For more statement pieces of jewelry,  Kendra Scott earrings would be perfect!  These ones are gold-plated brass with white mother of pearl, and they’re beautiful!

Kendra Scott earrings for Mothers Day gifts


24.  Mama Sweatshirt

This Mama Sweatshirt from Etsy is adorable and great for that trendy mom!

mama sweatshirt for mothers day gifts

25.  Running Shoes

These New Balance Running Shoes are so cute!  Even if you don’t run a lot, these are cute and stylish for wearing ANYTIME  They are lightweight and would be great for wearing on days when you’re gonna be doing lots of walking

running shoes for mothers day gifts

26. Slippers

Ugg Slippers would be great for the comfy-loving mom. That’s me!  I have these and love wearing them around the house to keep my feet warm (I’m cold natured and HATE going barefoot on the cold inside floor.).

ugg slippers for Mothers Day gifts

For the Home

27. Stackable Jewelry Box

I got this stackable jewelry box for Christmas and LOVE it!  It is so cute and is a great way to keep all that jewelry organized!

Mothers Day gifts jewelry box

28.  Cheese Board

This cheese board from Amazon is so pretty!  It would be great for entertaining.  Your mom could use it as a cheese/charcuterie board.  Or, it could even be used as everyday decor.

cheese board for Mothers Day gifts

29.  Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is a cute and perfect gift for the mom that loves healing using natural remedies or just likes the smell of essential oils.  I love that this one is simple and white and isn’t super distracting-looking.

essential oil diffuser for Mothers Day gifts


30.  Backpack Purse

This backpack purse from Target is perfect for a trendy mom on-the-go!  It would be great, along with those black New Balances, on zoo trip or theme park days for moms with littles.

backpack for Mothers Day gifts ideas

31.  Suitcase

This Kenneth Cole rose gold rolling suitcase would be perfect to encourage your mom to travel (and come see you!)mothers day gifts suitcase


I hope you liked these Mothers Day gifts and found something that your mom would love!  Let me know in the comments, what are you planning on getting your mom this year?  Or moms, what would you love to get this year for Mother’s Day?


31 Mothers Day Gifts for Your Clean-Living, Trendy Mom31 Mothers Day Gifts for Your Clean-Living, Trendy Mom31 Mothers Day Gifts for Your Clean-Living, Trendy Mom31 Mothers Day Gifts for Your Clean-Living, Trendy Mom
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