Father’s Day is coming up!  The last post I wrote was literally Mother’s Day Gifts, and it seems CRAZY to me to be thinking about Father’s Day already.  But, luckily, the life of a blogger involves planning ahead and creating content ahead of time.  Really in blogger world, this post is late! But, here we go!  There’s no better time than NOW to start shopping for your dad, your baby daddy, or other father figure in your life.  I’ve enlisted the help of my husband on this one and have searched far and wide for some great Fathers Day gift ideas you can use today!

fathers day gift ideas

20 Perfect Fathers Day Gift Ideas

1.  Subscription Box

A 6-month subscription to a box, like Battle Box, would be a great idea for adventure, outdoors-loving dads!   You can choose different levels, depending on how much of a survival expert your guy is.  And you can choose to get them a box one month and then cancel the subscription or gift them a 6-month or 12-month subscription.  These boxes come with survival tools, outdoor gear, camping equipment, and more.  They’re actually really cool!  My son would go crazy over these!!

survival tools for fathers day gift idea

2. Flashlight

My husband loves these Nebo flashlights!  Apparently they’re REALLY bright, last a long time (up to 24 hours with this one!), and are rechargeable!  He has a few now, and according to him, they’re the best of the best!

Nebo flashlight for Fathers day gift ideas

3.  Emergency Prep Kit

This prep kit is another one from Nebo.  It comes with a solar charging panel, a power bank with USB charging ports, the same rechargeable Slide King flashlight as above, another compact flashlight, a RECHARGEABLE lighter (who knew that was a thing?), a charging cable, and a carrying case.  This would be a great kit for your dad or hubby to keep in his truck in case of emergencies or to take on camping trips.

emergency prep kit for perfect fathers day gift ideas

4. Cooler

A cooler, like the Mac daddy Yeti, would be another great gift for an outdoorsy dad.  This 45-qt cooler is a great one!  It’s not SUPER big and the most expensive, but is still big enough to carry a lunch and several drinks (26 cans total, to be exact) for a day fishing or out on the beach.

Yeti cooler for Fathers day gift ideas

5.  Water Bottle

A nice bottle, like a Hydroflask or a Yeti Tumbler, to help keep your guy hydrated would be thoughtful!  Both of these keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for HOURS.  They’re both stainless steel insulated and BPA-free.  If you’re dad or hubby is health-conscious and does his best to stay hydrated (or if he needs to!), this would be a great gift for him!

Hydroflask for perfect Fathers day gift ideas

6.  Lawn Game

Another great outdoorsy gift would be a lawn game, like Spike Ball!  I stink at this game, but it’s TONS of fun still!  If you haven’t played, it’s kind of like a smaller version of volleyball you play with 4 people.  It can be played on the beach, in your backyard, or wherever you can carry it!  A dad that loves being active and a good friendly competition would LOVE this game!

Spike Ball lawn game

7.  Adjustable Weights

Adjustable weights, like these ones, would be perfect for a guy that loves fitness or wants to get more fit, without spending thousands on a home gym.  I love how these don’t take up much room, but you can adjust them to your needs.  They’re like 10 dumbbell sets in one!  Yay for taking up less space!!  These weights can be adjusted from 5 lbs up to 52.5 lbs.  So if you get them for your hubby for Father’s Day, you could use them too!

adjustable weights for perfect fathers day ideas

8.  Massage Gun

I shared this one on my Mother’s Day gift guide, and I’m sharing it here too! A massage gun would be a great Fathers day gift idea!  This is actually what my kids got me for Mother’s Day, and I love it!  I use it on my back, neck, and shoulders, especially after sitting at the computer for a long stretch of time.  It works AMAZINGLY for getting rid of muscle tension and tightness.

massage gun

9.  Massage Cushion

Another fun one and one that you’re dad doesn’t have to work himself, is a massage cushion for his chair.  I feel like this is a gift almost all dads would LOVE!  This one is adjustable – you can position the massage nodes up or down depending on your height and needs.  And it can massage your neck, shoulders, hips, and thighs!  It’s also heated to help relieve that muscle tension.  I got my hubby a massager similar to this for Christmas a few years ago, and I use it ALL THE TIME (way more than he even does!).

massage chair pad for fathers day gift ideas

10.  Sunglasses

Father’s Day would be the perfect time to get your hubby or dad a favorite pair of sunglasses they’ve been eyeing out.  If your dad is anything like mine, he probably loses a pair of sunglasses in the ocean every summer.  So an expensive pair may not be best if he’s like that.  I like these one’s because they look nice, they’re polarized, have great reviews, and won’t break the bank!  Perfect for those that lose or scratch their glasses easily!

sunglasses for fathers day gift ideas


11.  Watch

A watch would be another cool gift for a dad that likes nice accessories or who wants help and motivation meeting fitness goals.  My husband and I are both suckers for Apple products and both wear Apple watches.  This renewed Apple Series 6 watch would be an insanely good Father’s Day gift!  You can get pre-owned Apple watches that are inspected, tested, and cleaned and work and look like new at a discounted rate.  Why not save a little money and getting something more eco-friendly?

I love how this watch keeps track of your steps and movements and notifies you when you need to stand or how much you need to move to meet your goals for the day. It also measures and tracks your blood oxygen, heart rate, and sleep!  So it’s a mini, portable health device you can wear!  And, of course, it’s like another little phone that you can use to call and text with!  It’s so amazing to me how much technology is advancing and all that you can do from a little watch!  If you’re dad is a techie, he’ll probably love an Apple Watch!

watch for perfect Fathers day gift ideas


12.  Grilling Tools

These grilling tools would be perfect for a dad who loves to cook out!  This set comes with lockable tongs, a silicone basting brush, a spatula with a bottle opener, and a BBQ fork for skewering meat.  They’re all made of stainless steel and silicone grips.  They’re sturdy, dishwasher safe, and won’t rust!

grilling tools for fathers day gift ideas

13.  BBQ/Smoking Cookbook

Another one for a dad who loves cooking or grilling out is a cookbook like Smokin’ with Myron Mixon.  Myron Mixon is a pitmaster who’s won several barbecue competitions.  In this book he teaches how to cook good barbecue, as well as marinades, rubs, sauces, and more.

perfect fathers day gift ideas Smoking book

14.  BBQ Sauce

If your dad or hubby loves BBQ sauce, why not get them a set they’d love and that is healthier than most other BBQ sauces?  I love Primal Kitchen products because they’re organic and not full of sugar, corn syrup, nasty oils, artificial colors, or other unhealthy ingredients.  This set would make a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Primal Kitchen barbecue sauce set for perfect Father's Day gift ideas

15.   Meat Sticks or Jerky

My husband (and kids) love beef jerky and meat sticks.  And I love these Chomps sticks because they’re clean.  They’re made with simple, real ingredients, like beef, turkey, venison, spices, and a collagen casing.

meat sticks for perfect fathers day gift ideas


16.  Coffee

If your dad loves coffee and America like mine does, he’d probably love coffee from Black Rifle Coffee Company.  I love how this coffee is made in America and a portion of it’s profits go to veterans and law enforcement.  My dad is in the Army, my husband is a firefighter, and my sister is a police officer.  So I am all about supporting our military and first responders!

coffee for father's day

17. Tee Shirt

What better gift for a dad than a fun dad tee shirt?  If your dad or husband is into Star Wars, this Dadalorian one would be perfect!  Etsy has so many other cool dad shirts if your’s isn’t a Star Wars fan.

dad shirt for fathers day

18.  Leather Work Gloves

Some leather work gloves, like these Carhartt ones, would be great for a dad that likes to work outside or work on vehicles.  According to my husband, these ones are great because you can wear them anytime of year, and they can be used for a variety of jobs.

work gloves for father's day

19.  Travel Toiletry Bag

A nice, new travel toiletry bag would be a great gift for a dad that travels.  This canvas and leather one is durable and looks trendy but manly.

toiletry travel bag for fathers day gift ideas

20.  Shaving Cream

Okay, I love my Beautycounter!!  If you haven’t heard of them or tried them yet, Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  They make cleaner and safer skincare, body, and makeup products.  And they don’t leave the guys out!  This Beautycounter Shave Cream softens hair for a closer shave, and it soothes, hydrates, and protects the skin.  And it’s made with ingredients you can trust won’t cause harm.   Whether your man cares about clean living or not, I think he’d love this shave cream.

shaving cream for Father's Day gift

21.  Soap

Some manly bar soap might be a great gift for your dad.  I love how this Dr. Squatch soap is clean and made with natural ingredients, like cedarwood, orange, and rosemary essential oils, shea butter, and kaolin clay.  Dr. Squatch has lots more cool and cleaner products, like beard oil, shampoo, and toothpaste.  Check their site out!  I’m sure you’ll find something your dad will love there!

soap for fathers day

22. Personalized Wallet

A sweet gift you could give your dad for Father’s Day would be a personalized wallet.  Personalized gifts like this take extra thought and planning, and your dad will absolutely LOVE it!  This one is made of Argentinian leather and can be engraved on the front and/or the inside.

personalized wallet perfect fathers day gift ideas

23.  Bathroom Reading Book

A bathroom reading book, like Uncle John’s Fully Loaded Bathroom Reader, would be a hilarious and perfect gift for Father’s Day!  I actually love these books.  They remind me of my late uncle who always had them in all his bathrooms.  Uncle John’s books are filled with short stories and trivia – perfect for a quick little read when you’re dad is doing his business!

bathroom reading book for perfect father's day gift ideas

24.  Tactical Pen

This tactical pen is a fun gadget that would make a great gift for Father’s Day!  I love how it’s not only pen, but can also be used as a self-defense tool.  It has a glass-breaker tip, a bottle opener, an LED flashlight, an extra flashlight battery, and two extra ink cartridges.  So useful!

tactical pen for perfect fathers day gift ideas


I hope you found some perfect Fathers day gift ideas here and something that your dad or husband would love!  If you have any other great ideas let me know in the comments below.  Or if you plan on getting him one of these things, let me know which one you’re going with!  Enjoy spoiling your dad and showing him that you love him! No matter what you end up gifting him with, I’m sure he’ll be so thankful and will just love spending time with you on his special day.

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