Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, world!  Welcome to my blog!

My name is Brittany, but you can call me Britt!  Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to start my journey in the blogging world!  You can get to know a little bit more about me by checking out my about page.

Why I’m starting a blog:

I am a full-time wife, mommy, and teacher.  I love teaching my First Graders and making a positive impact on their lives.  However, I hope to also make an impact on more of the world – particularly moms and their families.  Moms are usually the ones that shop, clean, and cook for their families.  And they HUGELY affect the health and wellness of their families.

I have been wanting more of a creative outlet for myself.  After long days of teaching, cleaning, cooking, spending time with my kids and hubby, and putting the kids to bed, I need some “me” time.  As much as I love a good TV show, like Grey’s Anatomy or This Is Us, I know watching TV in the evenings is not a great use of time.  Spending that time being creative and helping others through blog posts seems like a much more fulfilling use of my time!

After my first son, Jackson, was born, my mom told me I should start a blog.  I shot that idea down right away!  I thought, “I have nothing important to share with people” and “nobody would want to read what I write.”  However, that idea kind of stayed in the back of my mind for the next six years.

welcome to my blog

Fast-forward six years…I have been learning more and more about health and wellness, which started when I was looking for a way to heal my eczema naturally.  I wanted to know how to take better care of myself and my family so we can live healthy, vibrant lives.

Not only do I love teaching, but I also love learning.  I believe we are all life-long learners.  There is so much I want to get out there and teach others.  I am a Christ-follower and feel God has been leading me to this journey of blogging, and I am so excited!

What I will be blogging about:

I will be sharing with you things that I am passionate about – all things home, family, and health-related.

I have a skin condition called eczema, which, if any of you have, you know that it is a pain!  Having itchy, burning, red patches of skin is no fun.  Especially when my students each year would ask me, “What’s wrong with your hands?” (that’s where my eczema has been the worst).  However, throughout the past few years I’ve applied the things I’ve learned and have figured out how to heal my eczema naturally.  (You can read more about my journey to healing eczema here!).  I’ve learned, that it’s not just one medication that makes it all better.  It is a combination of healthy and nutritional habits.

I no longer use Clorox, Lysol, or antibacterial soap.  I’ve learned that there is GOOD bacteria that our body needs for optimal health.  And toxins that affect our health are in many cleaning products.  I’ve switched to using more natural, toxic-free household cleaners, many of which I make myself.  I will be sharing what I use and tips I have for keeping your house clean.

I would not consider myself OCD (although my husband may), but I love having things organized.  It’s my belief that everything in your home should have a “home.”  I don’t like having things that don’t have a purpose and are just taking up space.  The less “stuff” you have, the less stuff you have to take care of, and potentially the less stress you’ll have.  I’ll be sharing some tips I have on organizing your home and life.

What you can do:

I would love it if you would sign up for my email list to stay up-to-date on my blog posts and other updates!  When you do, you’ll receive a FREE Weekly Cleaning Schedule!  Follow me on social media, and share my posts with your friends and family!  Please comment on my posts with any questions you have or any insights you have related to the posts.  Like I said, I love learning and would love to learn from you all too!  You can also email me at brittany@brittbringsithome.com.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping our world – one home at a time – become a healthier place for our future generations.

Thank you for coming along for the ride!



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