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What Is Health Coaching?

Whether you’re suffering with fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain, acne, eczema, or another health struggle, working with a health coach can be just what you need to meet your goals!

The fundamental goal of holistic health coaching is to encourage you to become knowledgeable about – and responsible for – your own health.

You get to be your own health advocate!  And, I don’t know about you, but I love that. That right there is empowering! And as a Holistic Health Coach, I will advocate along with you, provide you with education and support, and be your biggest cheerleader throughout your healing journey.  I’ll be there for you!  I’ll be on your team and will help you reach your optimal level of overall health by supporting and bringing balance to your digestion, blood sugar, minerals, nervous system, hormones, metabolism, and energy.

By supporting the foundations and adopting a more nutrient-dense lifestyle, your body’s chemistry can be brought back into natural balance, or homeostasis, setting the stage for optimal health.

FYI – Holistic Health Coaching is NOT designed to diagnose or treat any specific disease or medical condition. As a  Holistic Health Coach, I’m trained to evaluate your nutritional and lifestyle needs and make recommendations for nutritional change, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes.

I’m also not about giving you a quick fix or another “bain-aid” solution that just helps you feel better in the short-term. My goal is to help you get to the root cause of your health struggles and actually HEAL your body for good. Because, yes, you can heal! Even if you’ve been diagnosed with a disease or condition that “has no cure.”  

Reaching optimal health requires commitment, possible lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude.  If you are willing to have an open mind, make your health a priority, and make changes to how you eat and live, and if you’re ready to feel your best yet – then let’s do this!


Working with a health coach could be just what you need to move the needle in your health & wellness journey.


My Coaching Programs

The Fatigue to Freedom System

Feeling drained? This 4-month step-by-step system is designed to help you banish your fatigue:

  • Lessons & action steps to uncover and tackle the root of your fatigue, build a strong foundation, and bring balance to your body
  • Weekly group coaching calls to ask questions and gain support where you need it and make the information easier to fit into your individual circumstances
  • Supportive community for members to share, learn, and grow together
  • Email accountability throughout your time in the program to help you stay on track and progress smoothly towards your life without fatigue
  • Discount on recommended supplements that you choose to purchase
  • Metabolism-supportive cookbook
  • …and more!

Don’t let fatigue hold you back anymore – start your healing journey today!


HTMA Kickstart

Take control of your health with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis:       

  • Deep dive into your cells to see what’s really going on
  • Identify mineral deficiencies, imbalances, and heavy metals contributing to your health issues
  • Discover how your metabolism, nervous system, thyroid, and adrenals are functioning
  • Comprehensive consult to go over your results and answer all your questions
  • Personalized protocol with nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on your unique symptoms and HTMA results
  • Holistic approach (because everything in the body is connected) designed to restore balance and health to your body
  • Engaging challenge to get you started while you’re waiting on your lab results
  • Exclusive discount on recommended, high-quality supplements

The Fatigue to Freedom System VIP

Unlock ultimate health and vitality with The Fatigue to Freedom System VIP:

  • Comprehensive program with all The Fatigue to Freedom System offerings +
  • HTMA functional lab test for deeper insight into mineral imbalances and heavy metals contributing to your fatigue
  • 1-on-1 consultation to go over your results and answer all your questions
  • Specific recommendations based on your unique symptoms & HTMA results

The Fatigue to Freedom Course

Discover energy on your own terms:

  • Self-paced edition of The Fatigue to Freedom System
  • Full access to all the same content as The Fatigue to Freedom System – the lessons & actions steps to kick your fatigue to the curb
  • Go at your own pace – no deadlines, no pressure, no coaching calls to add to your schedule. Just take your time to absorb the content and implement the steps on your own.
  • For the self-driven, motivated person that just wants the game plan. They just need the information and to be told what to do to gain their energy – they don’t necessarily need to be coached or supported along the way.

Let´s chat!

Have questions about whether or not working with me is the right fit for you or which program is the best option for you?  Send me an email and let’s chat!

Real Food Made Easy

4 weeks of meal plans, grocery lists, meal prep checklists, and real-food recipes to help take the guesswork out of healthy eating!

Stress Relieving Protocol

FREE 5-step guide to help you manage stress and start feeling better today!

Productivity Printables

Meal planning calendars, cleaning schedules, food and mood trackers, and more to help you stay organized, reduce stress, and feel your best!